When IT Impact, Inc. was contacted by an insurance company, claims were being taken with pen and paper and a backlog of three months existed. We found a more efficient solution for them! 


When a company is growing 100% a year, growth can produce pains when current systems are not automated or prepared to handle growth. This company was recording claims using pen and paper, and for a time, it sufficed. However, as the business grew, the pen and papers became a bottleneck in the business processes.


Claims were taken over the phone with the insured providing the needed information. The data was being taken on paper forms and letters scheduled in Microsoft Outlook. All letters requesting additional information were manually created, thus requiring many hours to process a claim.


IT Impact, Inc. created a custom Access database that allows employees to easily create claims, automatically create letters and record received information. A wizard now guides the employee through the entire interview process, allowing employees to focus on gathering data. Using Word, we created programming that printed out dozens of letters in a few minutes at the click of the button!


Using all Microsoft Office tools and the power of SQL Server, we were able to drastically reduce the time it took to make claims over the phone. The company has now been able to take on more clients with ease, even during peak times like hurricane season when the claims are pouring in. They discovered the power of their data!