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Cross Functional / Business Unit Integration

For multiple businesses, across job functions, and between business units we understand the interdependence that a system needs. At SQL Server Experts, we first understand the business drivers then look to how the data is being used to support those drivers.

Through the development of a multi-dimensional database, we are able to provide different views of the underlying data to support the various needs of cross functional units and business units.

Easily Manage Complex Financial Structures

Our financial consolidation software provides the financial flexibility to support virtually any operating or ownership structure , from franchise operations to global business units to fractional ownership and complex holding structures.

Custom Solutions for Process Issues 

  • We identify, analyze financial impact, and document innovative solutions of your business processes.
  • We deliver a low-cost, technological system solution to address process improvements for problem resolution.

Sophisticated Support for Complex, Multi-Entity Organizations

  • With our software tool each entity, franchise or subsidiary continues to utilize its own chart of accounts, taxation rules and financial reporting requirements.

Support Multiple Functional Currencies 

  • Each entity is able to operate in its local, functional currency or currencies.
  • The system then translates the data to the appropriate currency for reporting.

Financials converted using the appropriate GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) 

  • Local data is automatically converted to the parent company’s chart of accounts while applying the appropriate GAAP so that all financials will easily consolidate.

Automate time-consuming inter-entity transactions

  • Inter-entity transactions can be captured and automated, thus increasing the accuracy of your financial data without manual, time-consuming work.
  • The inter-entity balances may also be automatically eliminated, ensuring accuracy of your financial books.