How can you know what you customers are searching for? How do you know if they can find what they are looking for on your website?


Our client, an auto parts distributor, wanted to increase sales on their web site channel, and their first step was trying to understand if their current customers were able to locate the products they were looking for.


Their current web site was lacking the analytics capability necessary to provide the insights required.  All it did was save raw query data.


We created a self-service solution using the new PowerPivot and PowerView components of Excel, creating a live data feed from their web site’s SQL Server database into Excel.  These are a few of the charts we built for them:

Queries with No Results                       Search Analysis


By combining end-user tools such as Excel, together with new business intelligence components available from Microsoft, we were able to provide a real-time analysis tool that connected to their SQL Server database, giving them power over their own data and insight into their customer’s behavior on their web site.  Now they are able to review the need for new product lines and to adjust the way their existing products are described on their web site in order to match the search patterns of their customers.